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KN95 Face Mask 50 Pieces

Product Code: MAM_Hygiene&ProtectionProduct_100089


1. The colored side of the mask is facing out ( or the side of the ear band and the welding point of the mask is facing in) with one side of the metal sheet up, put the rubber band of the mask around your ear
2. Press the metal sheet on the mask along both sides of the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face
3. Stretch the mask according to the usage method, and check whether the mask fits the face.

The KN95 Face mask can filter over 95% of airborne particles, protection against breathing in fine dust, solid and liquid particles.
High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration-high-breathable non-woven fabric, the Safety Mask can protect you from viruses, dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc...Made of soft material, skin-friendly Comfortable face masks with extra-soft earloops are suitable for long periods of wear.

1. Wear the mask according to the usage method, and check whether the mask fits the face.
2. If the mask is damaged, please stop using it and replace it immediately.
3. After taking off the mask, wrap it in a paper bag and dispose of it in a dustbin with a lid.
4. This Product is a disposable mask, do not reuse.



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