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Kids Blue Face Mask 50 Pieces

Product Code: MAM_Hygiene&ProtectionProduct_100091


  • Model: 3 Layers and flat shape
  • Dimension:  145 X 95 mm
  • Material: Non-woven, melt-blown
  • Expiry Date: 2 years
  • Storage Mode: Store at 20°C – 38°C  and humidity ≤80%
Children's face mask is made from moisture-proof, non-toxic, non-irritating, lightweight, and comfortable material. They are easily breathable material and cute designs, special 3 ply non-woven style, offering protection against dust, exhaust from the vehicle, pollen, etc. It's easy to wear Elastic earloop and no pressure.
What do we wish the most for our kids? Nothing but their comfort. No matter what the situation is, however bad it is, we want them to be safe and comfortable. Wearing a mask is crucial at this time of COVID-19.  Our children...are they really safe and comfortable in the normal masks that you use??  In fact, they are not. It restricts their activities and makes them prone to the virus as it never fits them right. Introducing to you kids mask. Keeping them safe, giving them top-notch comfort. It fits them right, leaving no gaps for air-borne viruses. Let's ensure the safety and comfort of our kids in this pandemic environment. Kid's mask optimizes your wish, your need, and your anxiet


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