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Aluminium Container 210x140x38mm (Economy) 1000 Pieces

Product Code: MAM_PlasticProduct_100003


High-quality products
Wide range of merchandise
Manufactured by the best local vendors
We stand by the idea of VOCAL4LOCAL

We are providing a platform for locally manufactured products from all over the nation. Our brand comprising all the manufacturer's families is not targeting any specific category, we are growing our family and opportunities with one category.

  1. High-quality products
  2. Wide range of merchandise
  3. Manufactured by the best local vendors
  4. We stand by the idea of VOCAL4LOCAL


V4L Food Grade Aluminium Foil

  • High-Quality Foil
  • 11 microns good quality aluminium foil for packing food
  • Keeps your food 100 per cent bacteria-free and taste intact
  • Hygienically safe for wrapping, storing, covering, sealing, baking and grilling of food products
  • Food packaging Foil

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